Brittany Spears, Be Kind Rewind, “The Rachel”, Y2K, what do these all have in common? You might be thinking, “Overrated?” but that’s not the answer, all of those things are from (arguably) the best decade in the world— the 1990’s. The dream of the 90’s is alive in more than just Portland. Hot Chip Burger Bar hides a lot of funny and tongue in cheek puns and references all over the place; while some, are hiding in plain sight (RIP JTT poster from the bathroom door…) All of our burgers and menu items have a comical backstory, and a lot of thought went into our menu as a whole, even if we’re “just a burger bar.” 

Take one of our signature burgers, “Call Me The Dude” for example. Not only is it a hilarious name (because it features smoked mushrooms—do you get it?!) it also has ingredients from local farmers, burger patties made from high quality beef, and a reference to “The Big Lebowski.” 


The writing is on the walls, literally, as we had local artists come in and decorate our restaurant with amazing pun-ny sayings and pictures. We want to make this a fun, cool hang out that also happens to have great food, boozy milkshakes, and lots of fun Easter eggs to look out for. (Just wait until you see the check presenters…)


Mushroom She Wrote, Starring Angela Plants-bury as Jessica No-Flesh-Here-Son. (That’s a mouthful, literally.) But, this is how Hot Chip Vegan Burger Bar came to be! Taking on the James Beard Blended Mushroom Challenge, Justin decided to smoke maitake mushrooms, and blend them into a complete and total plant-based burger patty— hence, the long winded punny name. After amazing success at Hot Chip Burger Bar (our “FlagChip Restaurant”) we decided to expand on the vegan/vegetarian market and open Hot Chip VEGAN Burger Bar.


With the same witty, fun, and 90’s themed idea as with Hot Chip FlagChip, we moved it down to Hot Chip Vegan so we could further expand our tongue and cheek attitude and amazing food. We still have boozy milkshakes (all vegan), we still have incredible burgers while using local farmers’ produce (all vegan), and we still have a ton of Easter eggs and 90’s nostalgia to look out for. And again, just like the FlagChip, we’ve included artwork from local artists and hid a bunch of fun things all throughout the space.


“You’re Killing Me Smalls”, is one of our signature vegan burgers inspired by “The Sandlot” because it’s stuffed with ‘Merica cheese which will make you definitely want s’more. (But how can you have s’more when you haven’t had it yet…?) Please dissect the menu, both by eating it and reading it, to find all of the hidden puns and gems. Oh, and please don’t forget about the coolest vegan ever— we’ll leave that a surprise for you to find. And this vegan burger bar, is not a joke when it comes to our burgers— rabbit food, my as$.

1190 16th ST. SW 
 MONDAY - SUNDAY 12:00 - 9:00 PM

507-424-0080       ORDER ONLINE



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