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Britney Spears, Be Kind Rewind, “The Rachel”, Y2K, what do these all have in common? You might be thinking, “overrated?” but that’s not the answer! All of those things are from (arguably) the best decade in the world— the 1990’s. The dream of the '90s is alive in more than just Portland. 

Hot Chip Burger Bar hides a lot of funny and tongue-in-cheek puns and references all over the place; while some are hiding in plain sight (RIP JTT poster from the bathroom door…) others are hidden throughout the building and menu. All of our burgers have a comical backstory, and a lot of thought went into our menu as a whole, even if we’re “just a burger bar.” (We're not, mmk? We're not like a regular burger bar, we're a cool burger bar! Plus, you won't have to ask if there's alcohol in our milkshakes, because there probably is...)

Take one of our signature burgers, “Call Me The Dude” for example. Not only is it a hilarious name (because it features smoked mushrooms—do you get it?!) it also has ingredients from local farmers, burger patties made from high quality beef, and is a reference to “The Big Lebowski.” 

Most of the burgers reference movie characters, quotes, or totally tubular phrases from back in the day. Maybe you're too young to know this, but Kevin Bacon is an actor, that's why the bacon cheeseburger is called the "Kevin Bacon Cheeseburger." Hey! They ain't all gonna be winners, ok? You try being farcical 24/7.

We also are extremely happy and pleased to offer VEGAN OPTIONS! I can hear the hallelujah chorus now... nothing is better than amazing vegan options that don't suck! And we aren't talking one or two menu items, oh no, we have a whole vegan burger section! Did I hear you say, "Well, what about shakes?" YES! We have vegan shakes too! And apps. And salads. Come on, isn't that amazing?!

The writing is on the walls, literally, as we had local artists come in and decorate our restaurant with amazing punny sayings and pictures. We want to make this a fun, cool hang out that also happens to have great food, boozy milkshakes, and lots of fun Easter eggs to look out for.

So... what's "hot chip"? What does that mean? 
...I dunno... We don't know... we just thought it was a cool name!

What else can we say? If you're chill and down to hang, we hope you stop by! You can order online for delivery or pick-up, or eat in house! We have kiosks at the front so it'll be super easy to put your order in and get exactlywhat you want. Not a kiosk person? Ok, we got you. Our bar is full service, so you can get waited on if you choose to sit there. We, however, love the kiosk option, but even better than that is the QR option. Scan the QR code directly at the table and order and pay right there. You will NEVER EVER have to wait around for a refill, the check to drop, or even tip a server, because you decide when, and if, you want something else. That, friends, is convenience.


All are welcome here, as long as you're nice :) and we hope to see you soon!
Hot Chip, ooh hah hah!

**Hot Chip is proudly part of the Championship Dining Restaurant Group.**

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